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About Prime Wellness Community Health Center

Our mission
We strive for a healthier bright future for children, families, and our community.

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PWCHC was founded in February 2019 by a California State University Los Angeles Healthcare Management graduate Denys Slesarenko to serve healthcare needs of South-West Los Angeles underserved local communities. Denys immigrated to the United States from Ukraine with a dream to bring equality to all.

Being an immigrant himself and living in the Los Angeles community and understanding all needs of his neighbors, Denys had been dreaming about bringing affordable healthcare access to all people in need including minorities and underserved ones.

Together with Dr. Nicolette L. Ballou, a pediatrician who has been serving South-West communities of Los Angeles since 1982, Prime Wellness team established a community health center to serve and advocate for the low-income and underserved minorities including people of color of South-West LA and neighboring communities. PWCHC is the result of the commitment to serving the most at-risk and underserved in Los Angeles.

Doctor Dr. Nicolette l. Ballou

Meet Our Star Doctor Dr. Nicolette l. Ballou, M.D. who has been treating the pediatric population of Los Angeles for almost 40 years.

Dr. Ballou is well known through the Los Angeles local community helping raise generations of healthy and happy families. She knows and feels the vibe of the community very well.